How to Do A Flip Cup With Tiles

Just a quick video using up the rest of the cup of colors from the record pour video I released yesterday. That wasn’t a success, but maybe more luck with a flip cup?  I’m just using primary colors, red, yellow, blue, some white and adding a little bit of magic with my own sparkle medium.

Video. Acrylic pouring video using primary colors acrylic paint in a flip cup.

Recipe for sparkle medium

Step 1 – mix as much glitter into your medium of choice as you like.  Use in your pours or add selectively to your paintings with a brush. Done.

Having done a spin on the record, time now to try something different and see if I can get a different look with these exact same paints. The paint is leftover in the same cup as the record, but I did add a little extra white, a little extra yellow and a few more dots of the sparkle medium. I hoped to get a different blend of colors by adding more of the lighter ones this time.

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I’m using the flip cup method on a 6-inch glossy tile. It looks great right out of the cup, but I can’t resist torching to add in all those extra tiny details. I think on a small scale canvas, small cells are fitting. On a larger canvas (I’m still plucking up the courage to do one) then the larger cells most likely look best and I might not feel the need to torch it.  What do you think?

Sadly once it’s dried, it’s rather disappointing again. The colors dried a lot darker and the bright red and blue looked lost. The details were still there, but it just wasn’t as vibrant. I decided not to keep it, and to keep on trying. So watch this space because there will certainly be another video coming up where I WILL succeed in dirty pouring with primary colors and not getting all that darkness!

As usual, here is a slideshow of lots more pictures while the tile was still wet, and close ups of all the lovely details. Only wish it had stayed so bright when it dried 🙁 Better luck next time.  I will be trying these primary colors again!

5 thoughts on “How to Do A Flip Cup With Tiles”

    1. You can certainly try, but usually it will blow the paint around too much and you might not get the effect you are looking for. But then you might get an awesome effect!

  1. Gloria McCarthy

    Would using some “Gloss” paint work to keep the shine on the tile? I have used this when wanting a gloss on a painting I did on canvass and was satisfied with the effect.
    Mixed some of it in with the colors that I wanted to look wet.

    1. You mean using a gloss medium when you mix? Yes I’ve done this too on canvases and love the look. But I still think canvases and tiles both need to be sealed with a few coats of a clear sealer too. I’m still looking for the perfect one to use on tiles that is heat proof.

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