Epic Tiles Dipping Session with Spilled Paint

Painting my first canvas was fun but wow, did I mix up a crazy amount of paint. Far, far too much. I hate to let anything go to waste so it was the perfect opportunity for a big dipping session. I thought I might get 3 or 4 tiles out of my big puddle of paint, but it ended up being so much more!

I love to dip. It creates quite a subtle finish, but you can create a range of matching paintings, like these sets of matching coasters all in the same color scheme. Quick, easy, fun and very messy! Just how I like it.

Dipping with acrylic paint - video. How to use up paint wasted or spilled from acrylic pouring with the dipping technique. Great for creating sets of similar looking items such as tiles and coasters.

Here’s a previous unplanned dipping session I had with photo paper using red, white and blue. These are still some of my favorites today.

Enjoy the video. The dipping session was a long one, so I’ve shortened this down and sped it up so you don’t have to listen to all my crazy chit-chat for hours. Thank goodness.

I’ll be back later with the results of that varnish test. I’m comparing the:

Polycrylic Gloss Varnish with

the Sargent Art Gloss Varnish and Medium

and the Modge Podge Dishwasher Safe (which takes 28 days to dry/cure!)

And here are some pictures of the tiles and some of the closeups of the details. I’m surprised at how lovely the details can be with a dip, and especially seeing this was really just wasted paints 🙂

5 thoughts on “Epic Tiles Dipping Session with Spilled Paint”

    1. Mine have all been fine. Clean the tile well, leave it a month or more to fully dry, then seal it with several coats of finish.

    1. I would say they are probably not hardwearing enough for use on counter tops or in areas of heavy wear, heavy cleaning or high humidity. They would need a much thicker and hardwearing glaze for that.

  1. Diane Livingston

    I want to dry this I have been doing the pour art on canvas so going to try this. I did the colored ink last year and it was fun. So now I have something else to try.

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