How to Create Acrylic Pouring Cells Without Additives

6 thoughts on “How to Create Acrylic Pouring Cells Without Additives”

  1. I am an artist who studied Lee Krasner& Jackson Pollock at Carlow U in Pittsburgh pa. I work will abstract emotionalism my disability if in each stroke -drip & drop. I am now will be Working w aluminum could dip method it look almost impressionist w the dot drips You can layer it My Art will be available to view after these holidays It will also be displayed on here .

    1. Doris Frasier

      Your pouring w/o additives was great. I paint with my 2 great granddaugbters who are 5 and 7 so needed an inexpensive way to do it!
      Thank you so much!
      Doris Frasier

  2. I too had a teacher tell me to give up my dream of being an art teacher. I didn’t paint again until quarantine. Funny how things stick with you from childhood. I now paint every day and got offered a job as a teacher at a Painting with a Twist after posting some of my work on fb. Stumbled on your page while trying to learn everything i can ☺️

  3. Thank you for your simple way to pour I have been trying recipes and bought all kinds of paints-additives etc only to be disappointed as they didn’t turn out like the video (but they did turn out but not as expected) Going back to your basics. Thanks

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