Best Alternative Pouring Mediums: Subtitutes for Floetrol

If you don’t have easy access to, or the budget for, some of the more expensive branded pouring mediums to use in your painting, how do the cheaper and more easily available pouring mediums work out. Check out how they perform in this fun comparison experiment. There are 2 videos to watch.


  1. Great video, it helped me choose and inexpensive alternative for my first attempt at pouring!
    Thanks so much!

  2. Just watched your videos, thank you for that experiment!. I was just sitting here googling which extender works the best and there you were lol. I have been using the Elmer’s glue for my medium pour. Every painting I made was gorgeous until it dried. Always dried with a Matte finish, never glossy. Now I will try Modge podge paper glossy . Happy Painting!!!!!!!

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