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Acrylic pouring has opened my eyes to many different products and brands I never realized existed! Floetrol, epoxy, Unicorn SPiT… not things I was familiar with as an artist who primarily drew with pencils and markers.

When and Arteza offered me the opportunity to review a few of Arteza’s products, I was excited; I had never used Arteza’s paints or canvases before. I think that one of the best things about this medium is experimenting with different paints, additives and surfaces, so naturally I jumped on this opportunity!

Supplies I Used

About Arteza

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Arteza isn’t just about paint; they also offer a wide range of other art products like pens, markers and supplies for quilting. Price-wise, Arteza is comparable to craft store brands like Nicole’s (AC Moore) or Artist’s Loft (Michael’s). Arteza sells its products through their website and Amazon; I could not find any in-store locations to purchase their supplies.

First Impression

Arteza first sent me a few tubes of their Premium Acrylic paint, as well as a bundle of 24 colors to try. Due to either the incredible humidity and heat in my area or a manufacturing issue, a number of the paints were defective. Initially, the paint was very pasty and chunky, and would not mix with the Floetrol I typically use as an additive.

After sending a detailed email describing the paints and the issue I was experiencing, Arteza immediately sent out more products for me to try. Now, I’m not going to admit exactly how much online shopping I do—but it’s a lot—so I’ve had my fair share of run ins with the customer service department. I was very impressed with how professionally and expediently Arteza’s customer service dealt with this issue, and I was excited to give the replacement batch a try.

Second Time’s a Charm

Let me lead by saying, the second round of paints was a dream. These paints are richly pigmented with a thick and creamy consistency, which allowed me to use less paint for just as vibrant a color. For my first experiment, I used Scarlet Red, Phthalo Blue and Lemon Yellow to create a dynamic rainbow pour.

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Arteza’s Premium Acrylic paints are a thicker consistency than a craft paint; they are very comparable in density to Liquitex Basics Acrylic paint. To get a creamy, melted ice cream consistency, I mixed the Arteza paint at a ratio of two parts Floetrol to one part Arteza. Because of the thicker density of this paint, I recommend stirring a bit longer than you would with a typical craft paint. As we all know, paint consistency in a pour determines how true to your vision your final product will be, and it does take a fair amount of somewhat aggressive stirring to get the paint to properly mix with Floetrol.

For the rainbow pour, I used the flip cup method and then manipulated the colors by tilting the canvas in a circular motion. As the paint spread, I noticed that there were a few clumps in the paint; during my second experiment with the Arteza paint, the clumps returned. The third time around I found that by stirring the paint by itself before adding the Floetrol, I was able to eliminate these clumps by about 75 percent.

Color Vibrance

The vibrance of Arteza’s colors is remarkable, truly. I have experienced fading with other paint brands, but Arteza’s paint remained true to color from pour to cure. They have a few sets on their website, even one that has 60 colors! Unfortunately, if you would like to purchase their larger tubes, they currently only have 14 colors available. I’m hoping that this selection expands in the future to include the full range in that 60 color set.

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Arteza also sent me a pack of 11×14 canvases and the quality was comparable to the ones I purchase from AC Moore. I found them to be smooth, and the canvas itself was firmly and evenly attached to the wooden frame. After the pours, I was happy to see that there was no sagging. Overall, I would absolutely invest in these canvases in the future, given the price and quality.

Overall Thoughts

I’ve only just begun with Arteza’s products, and I’m looking forward to using them in future pours. The price is very reasonable, and the color range in the sets they offer is a great deal! I would love to see more range in their larger tubes so that those of us who create large pieces can enjoy the same range as those who create smaller pours.

The clumpy consistency of the paint may also be a concern if you are considering Arteza, but I wouldn’t let it hold you back from purchasing. The issue can easily be resolved by straining your paint and stirring the colors a bit before adding your Floetrol or other medium. My hope is that Arteza will eventually release their own medium that we can experiment with!

Overall, I was impressed with Arteza’s customer service, their expedient shipping, and the quality of their products. Combined with reasonable prices and vibrant colors, I will personally use these products in the future.

3 thoughts on “Product Review: Arteza Art Supplies”

  1. There is absolutely no way I would tolerate any clumps especially at the price. I use soft body liquitex and never a clump. I honestly do not think all acrylics are compatible with the pouring technique. You gave it a fair try, though! Thank you for the honest review 🙂

  2. Arteza now sell the larger single purchase tubes of acrylic paint in the 60 colours that are in the boxed set, not just the original 14.

  3. Your review was very helpful. Thank you. I’ve just been given four Arteza sets, and I can’t wait to get started using them. Included in my gift were the 78-pc acrylic paint and tools set, 19-pc acrylic paint and tools set, 36-pc gray tone Everblend art markers, and the 36-pc acrylic paint pour set. I’ve never used any Arteza products before, but I’ve watched the online videos of several artists who do paint pours with Arteza paints, and they love the brand.

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