Swiping with Only Metallic Paints

I was feeling in a glittery and sparkly kind of mood, after the last deep, rich color shift and metallics painting I did. Looking for something lighter as a contrast to the last very dark one, but still full of sparkles. Time to break out some metallic paints!

Pin MeVideo. An all metallic fluid acrylic swipe painting tutorial. Acrylic pouring and swiping painting video using only metallic paints.

In this painting I used:

It was fun layering all those sparkly colors onto the canvas today. I’m never that confident in my colors choices, but this time I think I had it about right. And talk about sparkle – every paint was a metallic so the sunlight was bouncing around the room from all those glittery bits straight after the swipe. Scrumptious.

If you want a nice gold, check out that Art Alternatives. It dries really sparkly and bright. I did use two thin coats on the sides of the canvas for full coverage. It also performs really well in pours too. And the KY dimethicone really makes the cells explode in a swipe, but creates larger cells and softer cells than the regular treadmill lubricant – so if you want larger cells – try the KY!

That made me a very happy girl. Lots of sparkle, shimmer and metallics everywhere, surrounded by a crown of gold on the edges, and then sealed with super shiney Polycrylic. I’d really like to keep this one for myself, but the house rules say all paintings have to be offered for sale to cover the costs of my materials, so you’ll find this one and others in my Etsy store.

As usual, here is the slideshow of all the pictures, both wet and dry, and closeups of some of my favorite details. Enjoy! And don’t forget to PIN this article to your boards and share it with your friends.

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  1. This is wonderful, never give up the “child” side of wanting to use sparkles and shine in your art. It always turns out good. Thanks so much for all of the inspiration.

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