Trying a Flip Cup with Iridescent Paints

Do you remember the pink and blue iridescent tile swipe I did with the black paint for our YouTuber challenge? It really is magnificent. These Pebeo DYNA colors have such a lot of shimmer to them and change color depending on how you look at them. They are electric against that black swipe.

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Video. Flip cup acrylic pour with cells using Pebeo Studio Acrylics Iridescent paints.

I only have one tube of each and I’ve been guarding them. Saving them for a special occasion and hence I’ve not used them much which is a real shame. So today I’m bringing out the good paints and painting for fun. I’m using the Pebeo DYNA colors in 356 iridescent violet-blue and 358 iridescent green-blue. I thought seeing they swipe so well and look so fabulous with black, maybe I should try something different this time. So it’s a flip cup with white for this one today.

OOh, how lovely is that! I simply adore these paints and these two together make me happy. I would say that although they are fabulous, they aren’t so striking with the white as they are with the black. I feel the black really sets off the colors while the white has toned them down, made them more subtle, most likely mixed a little with the paints and taken away some of the iridescence.

Check out the slideshow for more photos, both wet and dry, and close-ups of the details.

5 thoughts on “Trying a Flip Cup with Iridescent Paints”

  1. I’m new to this,what are the basic materials I need to start acrylic pouring or is there a simple video to get me started,many thanks

    1. Hi Helen, Can I recommend you take a look at the Getting Started Guide here. It includes everything a beginner needs to know, including equipment, paint mixing, techniques, how to make cells and lots more. I also have an article about equipment if you want to check that one out here.

  2. I watched the video and read the info on swiping with black. So I checked the weights of paints. I’m interested in swiping with golden mars black over golden iridescent silver. However the silver is almost twice the weight of black. It’s their heaviest paint. Will the weight mess up the black swiping and not reveal the silver underneath?

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