Top 5 Acrylic Pours from July 2020

Hey Acrylic Pouring lovers!

The reason why we selected these 5 paintings is that they inspired most members of the community. And they’d also give you an idea of how many skillful artists we have in our community.

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Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 Acrylic pours from July 2020.

Black Girl with a Pearl Earring

by Oska Siobhan

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Oska shared some thoughts about this painting:

This is one of my examples of embellishment on a pour. I do not always pay tribute to old masters, my palette is large because I like to paint what makes me happy or emotional, I like to create a painting with a soul, a painting that tells a story.

The black girl with a pearl earring (a tribute to Vermeer) was hand-painted in oil colors on a 40 x 40 cm (16×16 inches) acrylic pour on a deep canvas. I had already painted Vermeer’s girl with a pearl earring in acrylics on a pour before and I had called her The other girl with a pearl.

When I discovered this photo from the great photographer Jenny Boot, I thought the eyes, the mouth, the smooth skin, and the warm, dark shades of the model looked so “Vermeerian”! I felt like I really had to paint this black version one day, as soon as I had the right pour for it.

Oska’s experience to inspire those who want to start their career as an Acrylic Pouring Artist:

I usually try to make the figurative painting look like it’s part of the pour. Whenever it’s possible, I try not to use my pours as mere backgrounds because I don’t want the subject to look like a sticker that was glued on the pour. I always varnish my pours with matte varnish before embellishing them, which is very helpful if I make mistakes that need to be fixed without damaging the pour.

Then, I draw a rough sketch with a piece of chalk if the pour is dark or with a charcoal stick if the pour is light. The sketch is crucial to building a good composition. I don’t go into fine details when sketching because they’re not needed at this stage.

Oska is undoubtedly an incredible artist. She regularly publishes her paintings on Instagram. You can visit her profile if you want more inspiration.


by Aisha Rosin

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Aisha’s Comment:

This piece is an 8″×10″ experimental paint pour using a swipe technique. With the help of some friends, I’ve named it “Threshold”. Inspired by an artist on YouTube called COZ Creations Art. She does a lot of really cool swipes with negative space. She also uses a lot of warm-toned metallics and I thought it would be fun to do something with cool tones.

Originally this piece had a different color scheme which I wasn’t a fan of once I did it. I did really like the amethyst and blue peacock pearl so I added more of those two and re-swiped with the center black, which has 1-2 drops of silicone in it, which creates that lacing effect over the colors. All in all, this was a happy accident, and probably one of my favorites.

Aisha has created an FB page to showcase her work. We’d recommend you to visit the page and see her work.


by Claire Parker

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Claire’s Comment:

First I did a flip cup pour, when dry I drew circles on top, then painted the block color around the outside. Then did the shading, light, and dark!

You can visit Claire’s Facebook Page to see more of her work.

Dragon of the Reef

by Diana McJunkins

4 3

Here is what Diana says about this beautiful pour:

This painting is the result of a break in a long hiatus from acrylic pouring. I wanted it to be colorful so I used nine bright Artist’s Loft paints including light green, cerulean blue, crimson, violet, phthalo green, vermillion, lemon yellow, ultramarine, and white.

My paint mixture was 1:1 paint and Floetrrol with water added until each was the desired consistency. I made six small puddle pours with alternating colors being careful which colors were touching to avoid muddiness. After gently tilting and torching, the sea dragon appeared. I was thrilled!

Visit Diana’s Instagram profile and find some other interesting paintings.


by Eileen Mayes

5 3

Eileen couldn’t share her thoughts about this pour due to some health issues. But I must say it’s one of the most beautiful paintings we’ve found in our group. It simply touches your inner self when you look at it for the first time.

However, we’d urge you to visit her Facebook Page if you’re interested in exploring more of her work.

We’re pretty sure that these are some of the most amazing acrylic pours you’ve ever seen in your life. And these are just a few pours from our Acrylic Pouring Community while there are thousands of others you can explore to get some inspiration. Come join us and start your journey to a unique and beautiful world of art.

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  1. Thérèse Gauthier

    Thank you for sharing with us these 5 beautiful acrylic pour paintings. I started acrylic pour paintings 2 years ago. I joined your group almost right at the beginning, and I find it really inspiring. The creativity, talents and techniques shared so generously keep me coming back. Although I rarely posted, I have sold a few paintings and given some more to family and friends. Perhaps I will find the audacity to post some of my best ones some day. Thanks you again!

  2. Thanks for post. It’s really informative stuff.
    I really like to read. Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience ! my best regards guys!

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