How to Remove Varnish from Your Acrylic Pour Painting

If you’ve added silicone oil to your paints, then you will most likely need to remove the remnants of this from the surface of your painting before you add your final top coats or finishing varnish.

In this video, Annemarie shows us how she removes the silicone oil with some talc (cornstarch or flour works too) and then a swipe of alcohol. Make sure the surface is dry before varnishing.

Her latest favorite love for finishing her paintings is the DecoArt Triple Thick. Leaves a super-glossy, almost resin-like finish while still being flexible. Start with a slightly watered downmix for the first couple of coats, then you can add it ‘neat’ from the jar for the final thicker coats for a really luxurious finish.

This product is available in the Acrylic Pouring Store here.

Check out how to do it here, and make sure you don’t have any issues with your varnish separating.

5 thoughts on “How to Remove Varnish from Your Acrylic Pour Painting”

    1. Because a spray never gives the same kind of high gloss smooth finish that you get from a brush on finish. If you want a really high gloss and smooth finish, the brush on is the best choice. If you just want speed and convenience, then a spray is the right choice for you.

  1. It looked quite simple but I must say it is not.The way you moved it and then those patterns were realized on the surface, it was a delight to watch.
    Keep sharing such amazing stuff Deby!

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    What type of cloth is best to use for removing varnish?
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