Testing Dimethicone for Acrylic Pouring Cells: AstroGlide (Part 2)

Well, it was certainly a funny sight I’m sure to see me crouched in the aisle next to the contraceptives, peering closely through my spectacles at the exact ingredients in all of the personal lubricants. Luckily it was early on Sunday and not busy! If you do the same, make sure to pick up one or two where dimethicone is the only or number one ingredient. There were a lot that were water-based and those wouldn’t have the same effect in our paintings.

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Testing out dimethicone oil in personal lubricants and how they can be used to make cells in acrylic pour paintings - video

In this painting I am using:
AstroGlide personal lubricant

Check out the results of the KY True Feel test from yesterday here. Tomorrow I will feature the results from using the Coconut Oil Hair Serum.

I was interested to see if there would be any difference in the results over yesterday’s test. The one from before was pure 100% dimethicone where this one also contained cyclomethicone (a variant) plus coconut oil. The form was slightly different also. Yesterday was a liquid I could use with a dropper, today was a light gel, but it was still easy to drop out just a single drop into each color. Check out how it performed in the video.

So it was still pretty similar to yesterday. Torching did create additional smaller cells but that may also have been down to the fact I had more paint mixed today and hadn’t spread it so thin on the canvas. Again I ended up with a painting that didn’t have the best color choices – that’s my fault, not down to the product!

Stay tuned for tomorrow when we’ll test out that hair serum.

As usual, you can check out the slideshow below for more images of this painting and the cells created by this brand of dimethicone.


2 thoughts on “Testing Dimethicone for Acrylic Pouring Cells: AstroGlide (Part 2)”

  1. You have done an excellent video! I love how you handled talking about the making of cell products.? What area are you from? I enjoy watching all of your videos.

    1. I’m originally from the UK, but have been travelling around for a while now and am currently living in the Cayman Islands.

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