Swiping a Red and White Dive Flag Painting

Ok so I can’t stop swiping! This time something completely different and just for my own enjoyment. Hubby and I are keen scuba divers, and instructors. I’m no longer working in scuba diving but hubby still does. It’s his job to take tourists out on a boat into the Caribbean and take them diving. Terrible! But someone has to do it (wink).

The dive flag that signifies that divers are under water is red with a white diagonal stripe so I decide to try to recreate that. So this is a simple swipe with white and one color – how will that work out?

It doesn’t all go well, I get some marks in the white paint when it dries. Are those bubbles? Or some lumps in the paint? Not sure. And my canvas board warps and then when i try to bend it back, some of the paint comes away from the canvas causing a bubble. But I’m not worried, we both still love this and will hang it, and enjoy looking at it.

I wonder if I could make some minis and sell them in the dive shop? Check out my video and some pictures below the video. Thanks for watching.


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1 thought on “Swiping a Red and White Dive Flag Painting”

  1. Thank you. I enjoy your experiments in pouring. I am a begginer in baby stage. I have done two pictures the first looks like fire the second look ok and then i tried to fix it and made it worse.
    I will continue trying. I find it very relaxing and i like different.

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