Spinning a Record Using Pastel Colors

I decided to go far, far outside of my comfort zone in terms of color palette today. Usually I like either dark, rich colors, or strong bold colors with a lot of contrast. But looking through my collection of paints, I do have some lighter colors, some pastels. They almost look like Spring or Easter colors – so I felt compelled to do something different and give them a try.

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How to paint a spiral on a LP record using acrylic paints and a spinning turntable Video shows you how to do it acrylic pouring fluid acrylics.

I mixed the Bubblegum Pink, Purple Cow and Sour Apple along with my regular Violet and White. Time to get my spinner out again and give another vinyl LP record the spiral pour treatment.

But before I had even begun, I had a very strange reaction in my paints today. They were fine before I added the silicone, but then with just a few drops of silicone they went all strange and lumpy, like a barely set jelly. Then they started setting into strange plastic stringy things. Yuck! I managed to dig all that out and added some extra water and they seemed OK. Very strange though, never had that before.

The colors sounded funny going into the cup but they seemed to pour OK and dried up just fine too. So no harm done.

As usual, check out the slideshow below for lots of nice pictures both wet and dry, and close ups of the details. Thanks for watching.

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