How to Get a Flower to Bloom With Air Manipulation

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I’ve been working on something new to me where you blow your paints outward using full force. I love the look of this project , it is an abstract flower. You can leave it as is when you’re done or you can add a stem and leaves if you wish. Of course, it’s up to you and what suits your tastes!

Supplies I Used: 

Let’s Get Started!

Okay, let’s get your old sweatshirt or apron on! I always cover up with an old sweatshirt, after a few years of covering my clothes with paint I always leave my sweatshirt in my paint area and it goes on every time. For this project you may also want to pull your hair back if you have long hair. Choose all your favorite colors and mix a lot of your white again. Get that white really mixed up good and keep thinning with your water. You’re not going to use a ton of color so just drop quarter size colors in your cup maybe five colors. 

IMG 0206 scaled IMG 0204 scaled

Grab a canvas, I used 11×14 size canvas, make sure it’s set level. I like to set cups up in an aluminum tray and set my canvas on that so the drippings will end up in the tray. Also make sure other paintings are moved away for this project, you’re going to be blowing paint and you don’t want to blow paint onto your other work! 


Get Pouring

Now, pour a puddle of white in the center of your canvas around the size of a tennis ball or a little bigger. Next, take your five colors in your layers of color cup and pour that in the center, let’s say the size of a golf ball. If you want the colors to spread you can pour them in a bit of a circular motion. Pour a white drop in the center of your colors and flood the whole outside of your canvas with white. You can use your finger or a brush to cover the sides of your canvas at this step.

IMG 0220 scaled IMG 0213 scaled

Next, you are going to blow through your mouth as hard as you can. Fast ,almost like a sneeze or blowing out birthday candles! I pick up my canvas and put my ear towards the canvas so I can get as close as I can because you’re going to blow outwards from the center white drop. You’re going to try to blow that white outwards over some of the color and you may have to blow that spot twice. Remember, you’re not blowing down your going to blow outwards towards the edge of your canvas. If you have a hard time or feel like you’re going to pass out take a few breaths between each attempt. 

Finishing Touches

If you do this right you will only need about eight hard breaths. I do take breaks in between, no big rush! If your paints are not moving they are probably too thick. If you love the look you can then lightly torch your painting to pop the air bubbles and create cells. Don’t get your torch too close or use it too much or your paints will burn and crack. Also for safety make sure your torch is completely turned off,  turn it off really tight! IMG 0212 scaled

Now, If you want your flower to stretch out you can tilt your canvas to get the look you like and make sure you have a good flat level surface for drying. If you don’t like the look just scrape the paint off and retry. I’d rather waste the paint than a canvas! And don’t feel it’s bad if mistakes happen. I learn from my mistakes all the time! No big deal, just keep trying. 

I hope you enjoy learning a new technique and have fun painting, thanks again for visiting me! 

FAQ’s about Air Manipulation

1.What is air manipulation in acrylic pouring?

Air manipulation involves using air movement, like blowing, to manipulate the flow and mix of the paints.

2.Is a specific type of paint required for air manipulation?

Fluid acrylics or thinned down acrylic paints are usually used for this technique as they flow easily.

3.Can I use a hairdryer for air manipulation?

Yes, a hairdryer can be a great tool for creating interesting effects with air manipulation.

4.How do I create a flower pattern using air manipulation?

 By carefully directing the flow of air, you can manipulate the paint to form petal-like patterns.

5. Is it easier to manipulate thinner or thicker paint?

 Thinner paint is generally easier to manipulate using air.

6. Can I manipulate paint on a dry canvas?

Yes, but manipulating paint on a wet canvas can create more interesting effects.

32 thoughts on “How to Get a Flower to Bloom With Air Manipulation”

  1. I’ve seen people use a hair dryer instead of blowing through their mouths. Would that be good on a small canvas?

    1. I’ve tried the hair dryer but I get a different effect with blowing from my mouth …. perhaps I may need more practice with the dryer

  2. Surely this is the same as a dutch pour? I nget the same effect with a hair dryer and have made several flower stepping stones in my garden this way. For an older person this is much easier than blowing.

    1. It is like a Dutch pour but a Dutch pour you blow white over the colors this you blow the colors outwards … yes if your good with a blow dryer that works too … Thanks for visiting

  3. Really good description of this technique, Julia. You’re right, it takes a bit of practice. But two or three pours down the road, I got a really good bloom. Good for you for putting it in easy to understand words. thanks for sharing!

  4. I have not started painting yet,but, I am really excited to get going. I have been recuperating from total shoulder replacement surgery. I have bought a lot of supplies.

    1. Very pretty. Are you using the Shelee art technique in this pour ? Thank you ever so kindly!

    1. I don’t know the differences between Resin Silicone and others to use and how what is the protocol of items to add? please help to give me more knowledge on these materials.
      thank you I’m excited

  5. 1. Did you use any Floetrol or other medium with the paint?
    2. Did you thin the colored paints with water or use them straight up?
    3. Can you give us a target consistency for the white paint? (warm honey? thin syrup?)

    1. Pauline Farrelly

      Beautiful flower bloom, I also have used a hair dryer but blowing I find gives a better finish and makes it more refined as a flower. Thank you for your advice.

    2. I use glue and water with my colors and white … I like the consistency of warm honey for colors thinner for my whites …. Thanks for visiting

  6. I don’t know the differences between Resin Silicone and others to use and how what is the protocol of items to add? please help to give me more knowledge on these materials.
    thank you I’m excited

  7. Thank you everyone for all the suggestions and questions and compliments …. I’ll be writing more blogs soon so I hope you join me on this artistic journey ????

  8. Loved it! How much paint did you use of each color? You said a quarter size but how much is that in oz. or grams for an 11×14 canvas? Thanks so much.

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