Deby Coles Very First Swipe

My first two pours didn’t go well. It was certainly all my own fault. Despite 2 solid weeks of watching videos and assembling supplies before I started, I made a lot of mistakes!

I was determined not to make 3 horrible paintings in a row so this time I took a different approach. No more dirty pours or flip cups. I had to keep my colors from mixing into a big mess so I decided to place them each on the canvas separately and then ‘swipe’ a layer of the titanium white paint quickly across the top to activate the ‘cell’ action.

It worked! I got cells, lots of big bright juicy cells, and my colors stayed a lot brighter this time around.

But I had some video difficulties. I took the recording in 3 sections. First, prepping the paints. Then second the longest section of me pouring and swiping the paint to create the picture. Then a shorter section at the end to show some close ups of the cells. But when I came to edit the video, the center section, the main part of the video was corrupted and wouldn’t play. In fact the 3rd section had recorded over the 2nd one. What a mess!

So you get to see the finished painting in the video and sections 1 and 3, but not the whole process. I’ll do better next time. Enjoy my first happy painting below  🙂

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