Festive Holiday Pours from our Facebook Group

The holiday season is right around the corner and you must be planning to make these holidays more memorable. Without any doubt, you must have made plans to spend remarkable moments with your family. But have you made any plans to improve your pouring skills during this time?

We believe most of you must be willing to try some new ideas this holiday season. Therefore, we’ve picked some of the best holidays pours from our Acrylic Pouring Facebook Group. You’ll definitely get some inspiration from these pours. And we hope they inspire you to share you own holiday themed pours in the group!

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Now, let’s take a look at the best Holiday & Christmas pours we’ve picked from our Facebook Community.

Acrylic Holiday

by Frank Morrison

Acrylic Holiday

Here’s how Frank created this beautiful piece of art:
I used heavy styrofoam and bamboo skewers to hold the ornaments stable while pouring individual colors directly on the outside of the bauble. The consistency I prefer for the paint is slightly thicker than what you might use for a traditional “dirty pour” on canvas.
In order to blend the colors into desirable patterns, I used a flexible straw and sometimes spin the bauble around on the skewer. After about a week or so I used Krylon Triple Thick to protect them.
Don’t Forget to Follow him on Instagram if you want to see more of his work.

Christmas Ornaments

By Caren Milich

Christmas Ornaments

At the first glance, they look like bath bombs but they’re actually very stunning. Caren says some of these ornaments are glass while others are plastic. She’s used 2 coats of acrylic paint to seal them and they’re looking great. Moreover, Caren has painted the outside because it’s pretty difficult paint the inside. You may also try this trick if you want.

Christmas Presents

by Diane Buckle

3 1

Here’s what Diane says about her experience in Acrylic Pouring:
I would have never ever imagined I would find such peace and contentment in painting. I stumbled upon my arty side quite by accident i was so bored whilst recovering from illness confined to barracks and going stir crazy for almost 18 months. Now my mind is always buzzing with ideas hatching plans for my next artistic adventure.
Diane Uses Acrylics and glue gun to give these pieces a stained glass look. These aren’t the only Christmas pours she has shared in the group but there are many others. So, you can visit the group to explore more of her work.

Christmas Balls

by Ana Isabel


Ana’s thoughts about this acrylic painting:
The Pouring is a swipe. The Christmas balls I first painted with chalk on it and then with a brush and acryl. It’s a 50x50cm card.

Christmas Tree

By Amy Bennett Kitchen


How can we forget the Christmas tree while talking about Best Holiday Pours? Amy ordered these Christmas trees from Amazon and then prepared these pours. I believe she could’ve prepared these trees herself but she preferred ordering them from Amazon because she wanted to save her time.

And why would someone waste time on something they can easily get at a reasonable price. These were basically the wooden trees but Amy has added life to them. Some of these are ribbon pours while others are flip cup. You may also try this technique this year as you can easily order these wooden trees from Amazon. So, it’s time to show your skills to others.

Celebrating Christmas

by Kayce Leigh Starnes

6 1

These Christmas balls look stunning, don’t they? Kayce really deserves appreciation for putting in so much effort. She says that she was initially trying to paint the balls from inside. But after several failed attempts, she decided to pour on the outside and it went perfectly fine. Kayce used cake pop sticks to keep the ornaments in place while pouring on them.

You may also try this method to keep the balls vertical and raised. These black ornaments are really interesting. And you can also get them from different online stores.

Christmas Tree Star

by Jeff Stocker


It’s one of the most amazing holiday pours we’ve seen so far. We’d like to appreciate Jeff for sharing such an amazing piece of art with us. You should also show your holiday pours to the group members and see what compliments you get for your work. Jeff wasn’t quite satisfied with the pour but when he shared it with the group members, he realized that people found it quite interesting.

So, it helped with boosting his confidence levels and he started trying some new and unique ideas afterward.

White Christmas

by Julie Cutts


Julie is an incredible member of our Facebook Community. She always inspires everyone with her artwork. We’ve included many other pours of Julie in our previous blogs and we’re pretty sure that she’d continue appearing in our future blogs as well.

In fact, you may also get a chance of getting featured in our upcoming blog if you continuously publish your beautiful in our Facebook Community Acrylic Pouring. We’re always on the hunt for some beautiful artworks. And we’ll be more than happy to share your work with our audience if we found it interesting.

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