Dirty Pouring an Ice Planet on a Vinyl Record

Any Star Wars fans out there? I’m making a painting for my hubby today. We are both big fans of all things Sci-Fi but for me, Star Wars is the best story ever written. I’m crazy about it. So when it comes to pouring on records, well they obviously look like planets so I wanted to create a Star Wars planet pour.  Introducing Hoth, the ice planet.

A combination of dirty pour and swiping, I was trying to use a combination of blues and white to get an icy look, but on a small scale as if it were a planet seen from space.  So I only wanted to create smaller cells on this one, for the right scale.

Here’s how I did it, and then what happened 🙁

OK, so I messed up by putting my thumb in it while it was still wet and convinced myself I didn’t like it anyway. The record was easy to scrape and wash so now I’ll have to give it another try. You can’t win them all!


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Acrylic swiping method to create an ice planet look on an old vinyl lp record - video tutorial. Fluid acrylics.

12 thoughts on “Dirty Pouring an Ice Planet on a Vinyl Record”

  1. If the record is vinyl and the paint is acrylic (plastic), it seems like over time the paint would peel off the record. Have you had any trouble with that happening?

    1. Not so far Bev. The varnish would certainly help with that. Probably if you really picked at one of the edges you could loosen it and maybe even peel off the paint, but I don’t think it would happen on its own.

  2. Hi Deby,

    The close-up of your thump print looked like the entire record was very textured and not nearly as smooth as when you were painting. Is this what you would expect with the record (obviously it has ridges) or is there a way to keep the smooth look seen during production?


    1. The paint often has some sort of texture to it when it dries, if part of it was thicker when it was wet. I get a lot of texture around my cells especially when I do swipes too. You can change up the pouring mediums you use because some will give more or less texture than others when dry. But because the paint is going to dry into a thin layer it will usually show through texture from whatever is underneath too.

  3. Hi Deby,

    I’ve gone through a whole load of your flip-cup and swipe projects, and I’m super impressed with your work! Really really great stuff, I’m so glad I found you! 🙂

  4. Don’t go over it!!! It’s AWESOME! (Thumb print and all…lol) The thumb print could be part of the landscape. OMIGOD! It worked out beautifully! Ice planet I can see!
    Every planet’s terrain has dents and ridges … could be thumbprints of extremely large aliens… could be hills and valleys… who knows?
    Why is it that we artists are our own greatest critics?
    I say… leave it alone… SOMEONE will LOVE it, and want to buy it, because it speaks to THEM 😉

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