Getting Diamonds With a Dirty Pour

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Sometimes, life will just tell you what to pour, there are signs everywhere pointing you toward inspiration for your next pour. Following those signs is exactly how I wound up with my latest tape experiment, a geometric and sparkly diamond!

Supplies I Used:

  • Artist’s Loft in turquoise, and titanium white, mars black
  • Craft Smart in silver
  • 10×10 Canvas
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Painter’s tape
  • Plastic cups and straws

I was in such a hurry to see my vision become a reality that I totally forgot to take a snap of my taped up canvas before beginning my pour but I do have the image I used as a guide. Just image this in blue tape on a little square canvas.


To bring my diamond to the canvas I wanted a color scheme that was classic but also bright and shiny. I had this turquoise from a previous pour and since it reminded me so much of a Tiffany blue I decided to use that as my springboard. My goal was to emulate the iconic Tiffany box with the silver lettering, all wrapped up in white silk ribbon. I lightened the turquoise with some of the white and mixed up a silver concoction with my metallic silver paint, white, and just a squirt or two of black to give it a deeper color than light, light, sparkly gray.


When I was picking up canvas for this project it didn’t even occur to me that the open back of a stretched canvas would be an issue, I was wrong. Gang… We’ve had some setbacks on my quest to create perfect crips lines in a pour with painter’s tape. Note to self: do not use stretched canvases! I loved the compact shape for the design I wanted but the fact that there’s no support behind the center of the canvas made putting pressure on the tape a nightmare. I wound up having to flip it over and put a dish in the center to weigh it down as best I could, but I had to keep moving it around to make sure it was even… just buy board canvas if you’re going to try this.

Another obstacle the stretched presented was the technique I had planned to use. Flip cup is my go-to, but I didn’t trust myself to try to balance everything with far less support than I’m used to, so this time I went with a good ole dirty pour. (You can see some of my outline through my pour spiral!)


The more I tilted and stretched out the paint the more the swirl of the colors started to remind me of those great, big clouds that could turn into a storm or just float along on their merry way. Because of this puffy cumulus pattern I began thinking of this pour as Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and even began humming one favorite songs from the Beatles as I continued.

Almost as soon as I started tilting the canvas I knew my tape wasn’t holding the way I wanted. I could see it puckering and popping up from the canvas and I knew that that meant that my clean lines were, once again, illusive. You can see for yourself, the parts that look like bubbles or lumps, that’s the tape faltering to stick.


I thought I would be more disappointed by what was shaping up to be a failure, but the colors were looking just too good for me to be bummed out. The blue was exactly what I wanted and the silver was seeping in to every color it touched to create gentle curls and that hint of sparkle. Even though I didn’t get the exact effect I wanted and it was technically a fail, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is still going in the keeper pile. I fixed up my lines with some white paint and actually like the cloudy pattern that seemed to carry over from the cover up.

Featured ImageDiamond_image6

So, with this one I can comfortably say that I have learned a big lesson in my tape quest and have also taken to heart that even if things don’t go exactly as planned there could still be beauty when all is said and done.

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