Color Shift Paint Flip Cup with Black

Bring on the Color Shift Paints! I’ve only used one of these so far, the purple in this previous painting and it had been magnificent with the black. Time to try an acrylic flip cup with the other Color Shift colors.

Pin MeFlip cup fluid acrylic pour painting with Color Shift paints. Video shows you how to get cells without using a torch.

I brought these FolkArt Color Shift paints back from my trip to the conference in the US and I’ve been keeping them for a rainy day. Today I had some bad news in the morning and needed a pick me up, so I eyed up these very special paints and thought it was time to see what they could do. I may have overdone it by going ALL Color Shift!

Used in this painting:
10-inch canvas from multi-pack
Blick Acrylic in Mars Black
Folk Art Color Shift Paints in Purple Flash, Pink Flash, Aqua Flash and Green Flash
Coconut Milk dimethicone

My recipe:
1 part paint
1 part floetrol
water as needed – very little in the Color Shift paints
3 drops of dimethicone in the black only

I especially wanted to try out something a bit different today so I decided to only add the dimethicone to the black. The last color shift and black painting was an explosion of cells and I was looking for something more subtle this time, to show off the colors and iridescence of the paints themselves and not make it all about cells. Plus the less I have to clean my canvas before varnishing the better  🙂

I think I got the look I was going for, although it was touch and go for a second there with that big plain area! Luckily these paints were happy to stretch out and still keep their shape so I got a nice result in the end.

These paints really are delicious. I like to keep them for ‘best’ but why not add a little extra something to your next pour. They look great with dark colors.

As usual, here’s my slideshow of pictures for this painting, both wet and dry, and close-ups of the details.

16 thoughts on “Color Shift Paint Flip Cup with Black”

  1. Hi Deby, I just bought 5 bottles of the color shift paint since they were on sale at Michaels. Haven’t tried them yet, but I’m so glad to see your video and results! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Deby, really loving your video’s and work. Sadly our Michaels here in New Brunswick haven’t received any Color Shift stock..I am anxious to create, well more like, learn, lol. Thanks for the great video’s and sharing of your works.

    1. I hope you’ll be able to track some down, maybe buy online. The items in my materials list have links for where you can buy them.

  3. Hi Deby, Are the paints of archival quality and do you use them for paintings you are going to sell?


  4. I love the color shift paints and can’t wait to get some to try! I just bought your beginner’s ebook and have completed my first canvases. One with a dirty cup pour, one with a puddle pour and one with the dirty flip cup. I do need a lot more practice but they weren’t as bad as I had expected. I did use the cheap canvas 8 x 10 boards for practice and they did bend a bit. I love your work and your videos!

  5. Stephanie Sams

    Loved your video. Could you tell me more about the coconut milk hair product? I haven’t heard of it and don’t understand what it does. Thanks

  6. Marie Gamalski

    I’m puzzled by the Halloween references…. could be because I’m American, here Halloween is black and orange. Purple and green is sort of Mardi Gras….LOVE the painting though!!??

  7. I just watched a few of your videos and I love all the colors and how they blend. When you say 1 part in your recipe how many ounces or milliliters are you mixing?

  8. I also consider green, purple and black Halloween colors. You might be happy to hear that this article about Halloween colors also considers Teal a newly emerging Halloween color too.

    It started with the Teal pumpkin project and has been spreading over the last few years!

    Thanks for the great lesson, this is so cool! I can’t wait for the Color Shift paints to come in stock at my Michaels. I love Folk Art paints, their metallics always come in handy during Christmas crafts.

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