Bright Color Flip Cup with Lots of Little Cells

I’m enjoying a nice bright set of colors for a flip cup today and treating myself to a slightly larger canvas panel. I had given this panel a good coat of gesso in advance so I was hoping to avoid any of the bending and warping problems I’ve had with panels in the past.

Yummy, those colors! But how would they work together. As usual, my orange tried to take over but I think I reined it in with the tilt. There were some nice cells straight from the cup but with the tilting and the torching, I did lose much of the large cells, although I got a lot of very pretty small and detailed ones. It would probably have been nicer if I had simply tilted it a little more and not used the torch – but you just don’t know until it’s done and torching is not something you can take back!

I was happy that this one dried exactly as it was poured. The surface was very smooth, the panel didn’t warp at all and the colors stayed lovely and bright. It’s quite a subtle painting in the end, nothing shocking or with a lot of contrast but the colors are pretty and I think someone will like it.

Check out the slideshow below for pictures wet and dry and some close ups of the details. Don’t forget to PIN this article and video for later – pinnable image at the bottom of this article.

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Video tutorial for how to acrylic pour paint with a flip cup for lots of pretty cells.

5 thoughts on “Bright Color Flip Cup with Lots of Little Cells”

  1. Super lovely! Your color choices are perfect! Thanks for great tutorials. It greatly helps a beginner like me to know the supplies needed, terms and how each are done. MANY thanks!!! So enjoyed.

  2. Loved this one. Haven’t painted in about 22 years and would love to give it a go. What is it that you added to the acrylics before applying? Couldn’t hear what it was other than water.

  3. hi Debbie,have watched your videos for 3yrs think they are great ,you have encouraged me to continue my paint pouring in my retirement from being an rn thank you js

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