Black, White, Blues and Glitter

Just painting for fun today. No silly experiments, just having a good time with paint. My idea is to do a black swipe, over white, with greens and blues, gradually getting darker as I get further towards the bottom of the panel – furthest away from the black.  I’m wondering if the white and black will mix and turn grey.  Only one way to find out!

Beautiful acrylic pour and swipe video with icy glacier colors and even with glitter paints too. I need to try and make one just like it soon!

I am adding in a new paint to this one. One from the Martha Stewart Glitter range. The slightly baby pink one with the iridescent glitter called Sugar Cube. All of these look so pretty. If you like a little sparkle and glitter in your art – get them! I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

My canvas was lightly prepared in advance by just painting around the sides and edges with black, being my swiping color. I find that I really like it with a swipe if the paint just drips off the side in places, leaving the swiping color as the main feature on the sides. That looks particularly effective with the black border. It also means you don’t have to stress if the paint doesn’t go over the edge, or even right up to the edge. Your painted border will take care of that.

For once, it turned out pretty much as I was hoping. I think the bottom could have been a bit darker, but I’m still happy as it is. The Sugar Cube glitter paint surprised me nicely because it created some pretty cells where there were pools of the glitter paint, as well as a general glitter all over look from swiping the paint.  I’m pleased to say the glitter didn’t all just sink to the bottom and disappear so I’m confident these will work well in pouring and swiping paintings.

As usual, check out the slide show for more photos, wet and dry, and close-ups of the details.

11 thoughts on “Black, White, Blues and Glitter”

  1. I bought your guide and now am confused about purchasing
    canvasses from your store. Are all canvasses listed okay
    for acrylic pours? Panels? packs?

    1. You can use any canvases and a lot of other surfaces besides for acrylic pouring. I would say to avoid the canvas panels, the ones that are canvas glues to a piece of cardboard, because I’ve had trouble with them warping in the past. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t but its a shame to ruin a painting. A stretched canvas will give you much better results. Hope that helps.

  2. Margaret Joseph

    I am plucking up courage to try a swipe! Yours is beautiful & I like the idea of painting round the sides before you start. On another matter altogether, do I detect a Devon/Cornwall accent? I know you live in the Cayman Islands, but just wondered. Hope you don’t mind me asking.

    1. Yes, from the South West. I lived on the Gloucestershire side of Bristol, right on the edge of the countryside there. As nice as it was, I still needed to get away to the sunshine and have been out of the UK for 11 years now. But you can’t take the accent away even after all this time.

    2. Margaret Joseph

      My husband is from the Caribbean (St Kitts) and even after 57 years in England he still has the accent! We’ve been to Grand Cayman on a cruise & I must say it was beautiful.

    3. It is a lovely island. Not so much in the town perhaps where you would have landed for your cruise, but out here on the remote end of the island, its like paradise.

  3. Thanks Deby for all your hard work, you have done a wonderful job. I’m learning lots, and writing what I need down to get started, I broke my wrist so I have a cast. As soon as I get this off I’m ready to do some Art, can’t wait to start pouring paint. I have done this with watercolors and 300 pound watercolor papers. It’s a little different, but it’s fun moving watercolor around to.

    1. Yes all of the paints are usually prepared with silicone, even the swipe color, whether that is black or white or any other. I’ve found it works best for me with silicone in all the paints.

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