Black Swipe Night Garden Acrylic Pour

I fell in love with a painting and video I saw in one of the Facebook groups I follow. When I came to recording the video I had forgotten the lady’s name for which I am sorry – it’s Leslie. Leslie, you are a star! I loved your painting and thanks to your tips I made one of my own that I love almost as much.

I had always wondered about swiping with black paint so I carried out some experiments with two different types of black paint and some nice bright colors and metallics in an earlier article and video. Check it out here for the results of my trials if you missed it.

Now armed with those results and the color trials it was time to give it a go on a larger painting. Watch the video to see how I got on.


This is definitely my favourite painting so far. I always really love dark colors, and bright colors so putting them together for this kind of bright and black contrast is a winner for me. Plus I got to indulge my love of metallics by adding some gold accents too. I am so delighted with this, I can’t stop smiling every time I look at it.

Swiping with black works best with a ‘heavier’ black paint. I recommend Mars Black for your swipes.

Check out the slideshow below for more pictures wet and dry and for some of the details. Enjoy and thanks for watching.

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Swipingn with black paint to create a high contrast acrylic fluid painting - video tutorial

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8 thoughts on “Black Swipe Night Garden Acrylic Pour”

  1. Loved your video! It is so helpful as I’m trying to find the right products to create big colorful cells! I’m just stuck. I’m going to get exactly what you used. What are the acrylics you used? Thank you

  2. Margaret Hopkins

    I love to watch your videos. I am a conventional artist (oils/pastels) but I’m hooked on pouring and swiping and the techniques you use. The list of what to use is very helpful for me.

    1. Love your paintings I have been experimenting with different pours and I Definately like your style best. Where can I get a torch like you use. I can’t find anywhere?

    2. Thank you Carolyn. Most of us find our torches on Amazom. They have a great range and the prices are good. Have you seen our Amazon pouring page yet? There is a torch on there which has had good reviews from our members. Don’t forget to buy the gas too.

  3. I saw this video over a month ago n didn’t save it. I’ve been looking for it all this time. And, how excited i am to see it. I have saved it twice. I have even been on your site and it didn’t come up. I feel so lucky. Will try to paint it now

  4. If you place freezer paper under your project (wax side up). You will be able to peel the left over paint, turning the paint into skins.

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