become a contributor to acrylic pouring

Become a Contributor is the online community for learning and sharing acrylic pouring. Our mission is to help more people start their acrylic pouring journeys and improve their skills.

We’re looking for more pourers like you to share your skills and knowledge with the community through articles and videos. And we’ll pay you too!

What’s In It for You

  • Get paid to do what you love! You won’t get rich writing for, but you’ll get your supplies paid for with a little extra to spare. Get in touch and we’ll talk more about compensation.
  • Your work will be seen by thousands of other pourers each month.We share articles and videos with our email list of over 75,000 people and our facebook group of over 80,000 people and videos are put on our YouTube channel with over 60,000 subscribers
  • It’s fun to share your skills with a supportive community of like minded people!
  • You’ll get an author bio where you can link to your etsy store, website, youtube channel, or any other place online that you’d like to get some visitors and attention.

Types of Content We’re Looking For

  • Video tutorials where you walk through a pour and show how to do it. We’ll happily accept edited videos, or we can help you edit your video. We’ll post the video on our youtube channel, and also publish it on the blog with some written instructions and supplies.
  • Written tutorials with pictures. If you’re not equipped to do a video, you can share your process with words and pictures.
  • Product buying guides. Love (or hate) a specific product? Or want to compare and review a few different products? This can be in written format, video, or both. And of course we’ll be happy to compensate you for the supplies.
  • Guides to a specific technique, tips, tricks or other articles or videos that would be interesting to the acrylic pouring community. Have an idea? Please share it!

How to Get Started

Send us an email to [email protected] with the subject “Write for” (this subject is very important to sort your email out from any spammers) and include:

  • Your name and links to any of your social media accounts (facebook, youtube, pinterest, etc… Not 100% required, but whatever you have that’s relevant will help us)
  • Links to any articles or videos you’ve published in the past (if you have any – not required). And/or include a sample of your writing or video content in the email.
  • Your idea for your first article or video. We’ll start with a single guest post. If you’re up for it, we may invite you to become a regular contributor.
  • Any questions you have