How to Add a Silhouette to an Acrylic Pouring Background

So I wasn’t overly in love with the re-pour using the peacock colors that I made. The shimmering metallics were nice, but overall I found it to be too dark, too much blue and green, not enough gold and purple. So I have decided to try to embellish that acrylic poured background by painting on a silhouette.

Painting a silhouette on your acrylic poured background using a template - video shows you how

Because the pour is supposed to represent a peacock’s tail it makes the best sense to carry on with that theme and paint the silhouette of a peacock in front of the tail. I found an image online, and using photo editing software I resized it to the correct size and then printed the silhouette on photo paper. I chose to use photo paper because it’s firmer than regular printer paper and I thought it would work better as a template.

I drew around the template with a fine marker and then filled in with black paint. Pretty good I think. Check out the video for all the details below.

So if you have a pour that you aren’t totally in love with, maybe it would make the perfect background for painting on top. If you are artistically challenged like me, try a simple silhouette. If you have skills, and some of the painters in our Facebook group are insanely talented, then fish and animals are a popular subject on top of poured backgrounds.

I’d love to see your embellished pours. Do load them up into our Facebook chat group here.

Here are more photos of the finished painting. It’s available for sale, along with lots of others, in my Etsy Store here.

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  1. Looks great! I have added dancers over pours and it worked great. My problem is that some of my pours have dimples. What am I doing wrong?

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