Acrylic Pouring New Year’s Resolutions

The year is coming to a close, Christmas is almost here and the before we can take our last sip of eggnog we will surely be counting down to 2019. In my house, we do New Year’s resolutions, but instead of things like “go to the gym” “eat less raw cookie dough” or “stop biting my nails” we like to set goals for ourselves instead. So, for this coming year, I wanted to set some art goals for myself.

It’s been a year of a lot of experimentation for me, and I’m looking forward to testing my boundaries even further with the bright shiny promise of a new year. Here are a few of my New Pour Resolutions… New Year Pour-lutions? Pour Year Resolutions? Hmmm, I’ll have to work on my puns as well.

Diamond image
Partner Swipe

A Great Big Pour

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of people thinking very, very big picture when it comes to their pours and it looks like such a fun and exciting challenge. They never seem to turn out how the artist intends, but I think they’re already just beautiful. I’ve been sticking to my small canvas comfort zone but I think this year might be the year that I’m ready to broaden my pouring horizons and canvas dimensions. I’ll just have to budget for more paint every month!

Work With Resin

I love the shine that resin gives a piece but I’ve never had the guts to give it a try! I’ve seen so many horror stories of resin finishes going bad and turning cloudy and I just couldn’t bring myself to take that chance, until now. I’ve decided that this year I will be brave and do the artistic things that call to me. I’ll probably start with testing on some of my least favorite pours so even if it does go cloudy it’s hardly a loss.

Strainer Pour

I just think this technique is just too cool. I’ve only seen it a few times here and there but there is just something about the pattern it designs that makes me want to ruin some kitchenware and give it a try. I’m also wondering what it would be like to test it out with strainers of different sizes, since I’ve really only seen it done with some pretty big holes. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be able to find an intact strainer or two at my local second hand store.

Revisit Some Fails

I tried a bunch of new techniques this year and they didn’t exactly all go as they had for me as they did for the artists in the videos I watched, but this year I will persevere. I will get the right paint consistency to do a proper air manipulation pour and I will do a swipe in one swoop. I also hope to get my hands on a torch this year so I can really get my cell game in gear.

I’m putting my goals out into the universe (and on the internet) in the hopes that you lovely people will keep me honest and on track in the months to come. And may my list help to inspire one of your own!

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