How to Make Over $100 Per Hour Hosting Acrylic Pouring Events

Last week I had the privilege of teaching a party at a local company for the staff as a team building type event. I was invited in by the president of the company who knew me personally and had taken some of my art classes. She felt that her team needed a creative outlet and a way to spend time with each other that was out of the ordinary.

This is a similar desire to the other clients I’ve had. People want a way to be creative, even if they don’t have skill in art. They walk away from my events feeling empowered and connected to those they shared the experience with.

And I love to be the one who creates this experience for them! If you have a current art business either selling your personal art, doing paint and sip nights, teaching art, owning a gallery etc. then you should consider adding Acrylic Pouring Events to your offering. If you are interested in building an art business then I would also strongly suggest starting with Acrylic Pouring Events because of the low risk – high reward profile of the business model.

Acrylic Pouring Events are low risk because all you need to invest in upfront is supplies (maybe $200-$300) and basic pouring and teaching skills. You don’t need to be an acrylic pour master to do well at this, in fact I would say teaching is the more important skill to have. You’ll only be going over the very basics of acrylic pouring at the events, but you’ll need to speak clearly and set up a process that allows those at the event to find success easily. I’ve built a process that I include in my course that you can replicate.

To understand the high reward side of the business let’s look at the numbers. For this last corporate project I spent 2 hours hosting the event and 30 minutes in prep for a total of 2.5 hours. I was paid a flat fee of $500 from the corporation. Total costs of materials comes out to around $8 per person for a total of $184. Subtracted from $500 I ended up with $316, or $126 per hour – doing what I love! In fact, when I host other parties I’ve regularly charged $45 per person for similar sizes of groups, which increases the revenue made from $500 to over $1,000 and the pay per hour is over $300! It’s very possible to make this a profitable business.

Acrylic pouring event party business

While the numbers are important, it’s more important to understand the value you bring to your customers. When they came in for the event everything was ready to go and I started asking them to go to their stations. I walked around and helped with torching and helped people choose paint colors etc, but there was not any confusion or frustration from the participants at all. Everyone kept saying how much fun they were having (despite the wind blowing our hair in our faces! – see pic below). Everyone was really happy with their work.

Acrylic pouring event party business
Check out that hair!

What I found so great about this experience was that the president and CFO, the receptionists, heads of departments and some consultants were all working together on the same level playing field. They were all having a great time, sharing the results of their work, admiring the other paintings, having great conversations and feeling accomplished together. I would have never known who the president and CFO were in the room if I didn’t already know them. Everyone blended perfectly together. I really think that it is important to have events in the workplace where everyone is brought together in an out of the box sort of way, where everyone can feel equal to each other.  

Acrylic pouring event party business

I recorded the demo so that I could use it in my online E-Course on “How to deliver a Successful Large Group Pouring Party” and it went very smoothly. What I noticed was that there were not a lot of questions after my demo. The group had everything they needed, they had their cheat sheets, (examples downloadable in my E-course), supplies set up, and there was a certain calm in the air and everyone seemed to be having a great time, laughing with each other etc.

Acrylic pouring event party business supplies set up
In my course I teach you the supplies you need, the set up, and the process to make it run smoothly

It humanizes everyone and brings the camaraderie up. I was really happy to be a part of this experience. I keep getting emails thanking me. People are also reaching out to tell me what they did with their paintings or who they gave them to. It warms my heart to know how much joy was brought to them in just a couple of hours.

I think that if more of this could happen in our communities, we could live in a happier better world. Not necessarily have every company in my community do a paint party, but why not? It really does bring happiness and joy to the people that have participated. Why couldn’t we dream about every boss out there thinking about their employees in this way, finding ways for them to relax, work together, do something fun. Work for everyone would be a better place if every boss thought this way. So, I am dedicated to finding all of the bosses, groups, events that I possibly can in my community to do this for. It makes them happy, it makes me happy, and therefore I am fulfilled and living my dream!

For more info on how to successfully teach a large group acrylic pouring, take my course.  You will be provided with everything you need to get started here!

“If you’re committed to taking your art business to the next level and want more ideas, here are 5 tips for profiting off of your paint pouring passion on how to do just that.”

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    1. I customize the parties for each host… I have done 1-3 paintings it depends on what the host wants. I teach them how to mix the paint, and a demo of that is in the e-course. But there was one young girls bday party that the host chose the colors and I pre mixed the paint for the girls. It worked well but it was a lot of work before hand. Most of the groups want to learn how, this particular group just wanted to do it as a activity at the bday party.

  2. Where do you leave the paintings to dry horizontally for the first twenty fours hours at least as they can’t be transported in that time?

    1. Virginia Crowe

      The paintings can be taken home with the participants using the kit I discuss in the course.

  3. Hi Virginia, I have been with this Group for awhile and have enjoyed the information……I have been teaching for several years and didn’t think I needed a disclaimer but I’ve been using Torches, Hair Dryers and need a disclaimer to use these in a Gallery……. do you have one I can use?
    Thanks for the Help……
    Also, I’m in Phoenix AZ and wondered if there are people from this area that I could meet up with? or Maybe start a Group with your permission…..

    1. Hey Kathryn, Virginia may not see this here. You may want to reach out to her in the group or through Facebook to make sure she can respond

    2. Virginia Crowe

      Sorry for the late response. You should join the fb group. The link Is in the curriculum. This went to my junk mail.

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