Youtube Painting Challenge – 3 Color Swipe

A number of painting YouTube channels have come together for a challenge. We all decided to create a simple swipe using three colors:

  • Pink or magenta
  • Blue of our choice
  • Black or white

I used some new paints I had from Pebeo, their Dyna colors in 356 Iridescent Violet Blue and 358 Iridescent Green Blue. Ooh, these are lovely. I highly recommend getting some if you like a little sparkle or iridescence to your paintings.  Adding in one or two iridescent colors to your usual paints would look great too and can jazz up something with your usual economy colors.

That was it. Very simple, a limited color scheme and it had to be a swipe. How many different looking results would we get and how many different techniques would we see?  Here’s my swipe and video, along with pictures of the other finished swipes.

Wow, what a great bunch of work. You can find the other videos in this series by clicking the links in the description under the video on YouTube.

And this is what my swipe looked like when all dry and finished. Pretty amazing, the iridescent colors look fabulous. You need them!

Black swipe using pink and blue iridescent paints - video tutorial

As usual, check out all of my images for this painting, wet and dry and the details in the slideshow below.

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Acrylic pouring and swiping tutorial video. Black swipe using blue and pink iridescent paints. See the other videos in this 4 part YouTube painting challenge

26 thoughts on “Youtube Painting Challenge – 3 Color Swipe”

    1. Yes, I like to use tiles for small projects and test pours. Easy to clean off if I don’t like the result and great small gift ideas if they do turn out nicely.

    2. Hello I just want to ask that if the colours which we have n it get dried up pls let me know what we can do for using again.

    3. You want to reuse a canvas? Just make sure the paint is fully dry and cured, I suggest 4 weeks. Then cover with a layer of gesso and repaint. It should work out just fine.

    1. I honestly can’t remember now. Did I not mention it in the video? Sometimes I do add a drop or two to the swipe color, sometimes not if the paint is already premixed in a bottle.

    2. Michele Thomson

      I am really new to this technique. I’m asking if the swipe color has any mediums mixed with it. I’ve watched several videos now and I think it does but all in really hearing is that it is “premixed”

    3. Sorry, I thought you were talking about additives. Yes all the paints are not just paint. The black is no different to the others. Did you watch the video? I go into quite a bit of detail there about the products used and how the paint was mixed. That should answer your questions I think.

    4. Rebecca Kellogg

      You did not mention adding the silicone to the black. Was this the case ? Did you just add your flotrel mixture?

    5. It’s been a while since I did this one now and I honestly can’t remember. I most likely did add it because I usually add it to all the colors, but I don’t think its actually needed in your swipe colors.

    1. If you watch the video, all of the materials are shown and explained and the mix is given there. There was floetrol as well as silicone spray in this one.

    1. I’m sorry I have never been to Australia so can’t say. But perhaps visiting a craft shop in your area could give you the answer, or even doing a search online for a local craft store in Australia.

  1. Does it dry shiny on canvas as it does on tile? And if not what can I use aside from varnish to make it that shiny like you have done so on the tile?

    1. No the paint will still dry matte even through the finish underneath is glossy. I use this protective finish to bring back the brilliance and the gloss at the end. You could also use resin, although that is more tricky to work with and expensive.

  2. Hi Debby,
    I sometimes have a problem with the paint pulling away as it dries. Round spots of white canvas is exposed. Do you know how I might remedy that? Thank you

    1. That’s a problem with the little beads of silicone. Where the silicone oil hits the canvas, it creates a resist where the paint won’t stick well. You can either trial using less silicone and see if you can still get the effects you like (probably you can use less and still get good cells) and while the painting is drying, keep an eye on it and be ready to fill in those voids with little drips of same color paint. Hope that helps.

    1. You don’t need silicone people!!!!! Especially if your in Australia. The Aussie flo works better than anything on earth for cells. Just half paint half aussi flo and a dash water. silicone ruins my pieces everytime…. And I’m swipe queen. Seriously. And if you are having blank spots then you don’t have enough paint on canvas or and silicone isn’t mixed well enough or too much. American floritol works great too. You just need more. You can use hair syrum or baby oil too if that’s your goal. But flo and water and a good brand of paint works wonders. The pressure of the swipe will create cells even if you don’t want them

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