Getting started with Acrylic Pouring EBook download. Beginners tips for acrylic pouring, swiping and more.

Your success with acrylic pouring starts here...

A complete beginners guide and introduction to acrylic pouring. The Getting Started With Acrylic Pouring covers everything from equipment, paint mixing, techniques, recipes, how to create cells, through to how to finish and protect your paintings.

A 35 page PDF E-book to download contains 4 exclusive videos and gives the beginner an easy to follow recipe where big cells without torching can be created easily. Learn the dirty pour, flip cup, how to swipe and much more...

Learn about the equipment you need for acrylic pouring and where to find it...

To get the right results you need the right equipment. We've selected all the perfect supplies to set you on the right track from your very first painting. Here is our selection of the essential tools and supplies you will need and an explanation of what they do and why you need them. Our tip - get a lot of paint. You're going to love this!

Everything you need to get started in acrylic pouring art and why you need it

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The blog features my own art as well as regular features for other artists. You'll find all the latest videos and tutorials to help you perfect new skills.

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Our constantly updated list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a great place to start on the site. It forms an index of useful articles and videos you can save and refer to.

Videos and tutorials

Nothing beats watching other artists work. I find it astonishing how generous other artists are with their time. I love to share videos and tutorials that have helped me, or I think would be interesting to you.  We each have our own style, but if we can learn techniques or new methods from other artists, it means we can have even more fun!

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Our gallery page is open to all artists to display their work. It's a constantly changing source of inspiration for design ideas, color schemes, styles and materials.

Artists can include their name, title for the work and a link back to their own site or online gallery, or even a page where the work can be purchased. Read more here about how to submit your work to the Gallery page.