Resin vs Spray Lacquer to Finish Painted Coasters & Tiles (Test)

I’m back to test a couple more potential finishes you can use on your acrylic poured tiles, if you want to use them as functional coasters. You will need a finish that is both water and heat resistant and doesn’t mark with the hot mug of coffee test.

Testing and reviewing Envirotex Lite resin and Minwax Clear Aerosol Lacquer to see how they perform used on painted tiles for use as coasters. Video demo and review.

I have previously tested several other potential finishes for your coasters and artworks with mixed results. Check out these earlier articles:

Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe, Sargent Art acrylic varnish, and Polycrylic protective finish
Krylon Conservation varnish and Krylon UV-Resistant clear gloss
Kamar varnish, Acrylic Enamel Clearcoat and High Heat Engine Enamel

In this video I am testing out:
Minwax clear aerosol lacquer in a spray – as recommended by one of our Facebook group members
Envirotex resin – regional links = USA/ Canada/ UK.

My testing method will be as always, follow the manufacturer instructions for how to apply the finish, leave it to fully cure, test it with a hot mug of coffee to see if the mug will stick or there will be marks left on the surface. Check out the video below to see how these two get on compared side by side.

So, despite the recommendation, the Minwax Clear Lacquer did not pass the test for me. It stuck firmly to the bottom of the hot coffee mug after 3 minutes. The Envirotex Lite however was perfect. Fantastic glossy finish, and did not stick at all to the coffee mug at the 30 second on the 3-minute mark. If your budget allows, then certainly this resin is a great way to finish your tiles if you want them to be used as coasters.

If resin is too expensive a finish for you, then I recommend going back to watch the earlier video for the clear enamel sprays and using one of those. I think now I will conclude this series of tests for protective finishes for tiles, because it’s costing me a fortune to try them all out.

My final recommendations are:

10 thoughts on “Resin vs Spray Lacquer to Finish Painted Coasters & Tiles (Test)”

  1. Patricia Cetrone

    I have been using EnvirTex Lite for years on trays that I make, but I don’t get the clean “lift of the hot mug” as you have. I think I may be putting it on too thick. I have been acrylic pouring for a few months now and would like to try it on some coasters. So, can you tell me 1. The size of the tile you demonstrated, and 2. How much square area the 6 tablespoons will cover? Thanks.

    1. The tiles I used are 4.25 inches. The resin I mixed was enough to cover 5 tiles and a number of small 3 inch canvases, but I can’t remember how many I did. Art Resin has a handy calculator tool here for working out coverage. I’ve found that using this I do cover more than they suggest, so it all depends on how thick you pour the resin I’m sure.

  2. I actually used this product (Envirotex) on my kitchen counters 10 yrs ago and they’re still in great shape, HOWEVER, they have ambered considerably, so take that into account, and they’re not in a sunny location….

    1. Thank you for the feedback. The company did tell me that it will go yellow over time, so best not to use it over white paint.

  3. Marie Gamalski

    I have an envirotech counter top we did 10+ years ago, and it looks great, wears like iron…two caveats
    It will amber over light/grey paints. If possible, use darker colors…black, jewel tones etc.
    If it does mar at all, a torch over the surface takes care of any scratches, and “dents” disappear once offending item is moved.
    Have LOVED them for over a decade and visitors marvel at them…we used holographic embossing powder, ultra fine glitter and tiny silver beads in the resin and it’s pretty AWESOME when the light hits it if I do say so!!?

  4. Robinette Houston

    Hi Debbie,
    Thank you so much for sharing all this information! I have a few questions and will be very appreciative if you could answer them. I plan on using the Drupal color clearcoat spray if I can find it. I want to give away these tile coasters for Christmas gifts. So on that note my questions are:
    1. How long do I need to let the paint cure on the tile before I varnish them if I’m giving them as gifts?
    2. How do I get the silicone off of the tile before clear coating
    3. How long should I let the tiles cure before they can’t be used as coasters. It look like you only had them cure for a week and they were fine. Do you recommend that for gifts or was that just for the instruction?
    4. And when you do your little canvases, do you still wiped the silicone off before coding them? With the polycrylic?
    Q so much for your time and your answers!

  5. Beverly kaplannelson

    I thought I would tell you I used an Americans Decor soft touch varnish by deco art that I got a Amazon for 8 ounces $10.94. I used a coffee cup of boiling water on the coasters until it was cold and it did not stick or mar The coasters or the trivets. I hope that’s my help some of you I am new to pouring acrylic but I put the tile upside down in the paint that dripped off the canvas And put two coats on after the paint was dry

  6. Hi, I wanted to use the tiles for a backsplash in the kitchen and use light colors but the amber affect is a turn off. Is there a way around using resin? Is there something that will protect the tiles other than resin?

  7. Love your videos. I have just finished painting tiles to be made into coasters. However as I live in UK I am having trouble finding Duplicolour clear coat acrylic enamel. Any ideas ?? Maybe I’ll just leave them unvarnished and hope they don’t chip !!! Warm regards. Sue

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