Pouring Some Spooky Spider Webs

After the relative success of my Jack-O-Lantern pour and a fifteenth viewing of Hocus Pocus I broke out the painter’s tape and a black canvas!

Supplies I Used:

Taping this one up took a bit longer than the last two, mostly because this time it was all about getting the right angles to create that perfect spider web look. At first I was afraid that those subtle curves in spider’s webs wouldn’t translate and I would have to get creative with my tape cutting. But, luckily, they turned out just right in my eyes.


In an effort to prevent the bleeding I’ve seen in my last couple attempts, I taped this one the night before I planned to pour and weighted it down overnight. The color scheme was a bit illusive this time around, I thought just a plain black and white would be the right choice, but I didn’t want it to be just two flat colors on a black canvas.

I needed something to add a little pop, something that would catch the light like webs do in the sun, I needed glitter. I picked up this bottle of metallic silver from my local Michaels and was thrilled when I started mixing everything up. This little splash of sparkly silver was just what my webs needed!


I decided to flip this cup, mostly just because it’s my go-to technique but it also felt like it would give me that desired evenly coated look. I wasn’t very interested in cells this time around so I used minimal rubbing alcohol. But I did like the little spots of silver that started to shine through the big patches of white. Ultimately the cell-less swirls were just what I was hoping for when the paint was all stretched out over the canvas and tape.


And then… It was time for the moment of truth. It was time to rip off the bandaid, if you will. It was time to see if the extra step I’d added would actually give me those crisp clean lines I wanted so badly!

I am happy to report that this was my cleanest peel to date! It wasn’t perfect (which I still blame on my old roll of tape) but clean up was much more minimal than the last time I tried just lines. Nothing a little black paint couldn’t fix! If I trusted myself more, I might try to add a black widow spider onto the surface, but maybe it’s best not to tempt fate.

Now that I know that a little extra pressure seems to be some help to getting the tape to lay flat I’ll definitely be adding that to the process. Maybe I’ll start to try different kinds of tape, or applying a little heat to make sure everything is nice and sticky before pouring. I’m obviously still fine tuning this process and I hope you’ll stick with me through all of my trial and error!

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