Mesmerising – a Large Busy Puddle Pour

I fancied something a little bit different today. I rarely do a puddle pour but I’ve been very much inspired by the large scale paintings from MelyD on YouTube and thought it was time I gave it a try. Time for my first ‘large’ canvas and whole lot of fun!

Acrylic pouring and fluid acrylics video tutorial for how to create this mesmerising poured painting.

In this painting I am using:
Titanium White and Cobalt Blue from Blick
Ultra Marine Blue and Silver from Art Alternatives
Turquoise from Sargent Art
Cloudless from Apple Barrel

The recipe:
All of the paints are mixed about 2 parts paint to 1 part Floetrol and then water added as necessary to make the right pouring consistency – usually about 1 part water. No silicone or other additives added to the paints this time.

I thought a nice blue, while and silver palette of colors would work well. Blue is always my favorites and I went for everything right from very dark to very light, plus a metallic of course for a little sparkle. I’ve never done a large puddle pour before or a large canvas and wasn’t sure quite how much paint I would need. It turned out that I really hadn’t mixed enough in the end but I made it work.

The canvas was nearly as wide as my table so I knew that spillage might be a problem. I managed pretty well and only got one blob on the cat. The silly thing will lie under the table as I paint, it was bound to happen eventually. He didn’t even seem to care or notice so a quick wipe and he was safely returned to all black again.

I think you will enjoy this video today. I hope so. I had enormous fun creating this painting even though I thought the end result was not what I was hoping for and it came out rather too busy. But then just as I thought I didn’t really care for the paining, I started to mess with it, add in even more details until every inch is covered in busy-ness and suddenly I liked it again.

I recommend watching through to the end so you can see how I changed up the painting with the use of a few tools.

So what so you think of the end result. I’m still not entirely convinced but it certainly is FULL of mesmerizing and dizzying details, swirls, cells and spirals.

As usual, check out the slideshow below for more pictures of this painting, both wet and dry, and closeups of all the details.

4 thoughts on “Mesmerising – a Large Busy Puddle Pour”

  1. This is so absolutely gorgeous. I have yet to do my first pour. I’d love to come anywhere close to this. Stunning.

    I have one question, I looked but could not find the amount of
    mica powder you used.

    Thanks for all your help. Ev in Oregon

    1. Hi Ev, I didn’t use any mica powder in this painting, it was just regular acrylic paints. I hope when you do your first pour, you will come and join us in the Facebook group and share your results.

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