Acrylic Pouring Without Silicone or Torching Recipe (Part 7: Adding Silicone to Apple Barrel Paints)

Day 7 in my quest for the elusive magic paint formula that works every time to create cells without torching. Last day. A gal has to know when it’s time to call it quits and go back to what worked before. But I can’t help but give this one last chance. Back to the Apple Barrel paints today, but not the coffee colors – other colors. Will it work or is there just something I can’t put my finger on?

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In these two painting I used:

Surely, surely this will work today. All I’m doing is taking the exact same recipe that I know works, because I’ve done it and then repeated it in those coffee paintings, and all I’m doing is changing up the colors. Same paints, same pouring mediums, same alcohol – everything the same except the colors of the paint.  Did it work – check the video and weep along with me…

I did get some cells, so maybe it really does need that combination of the Floetrol and the silicone, but it still wasn’t the same as days 1 and 5.

So now I need a break from all this. I need to get my painting mojo back and go back to what I know works and maybe revist all this nonsense another time. What I can conclude – the Sargent Art Acrylic Gloss makes an awesome pouring medium. Very smooth, very glossy, really shines, economical – I love it and will certainly order more to continue using it. It works for sure. What doesn’t seem to be working for me is the addition of the alcohol to replace the silicone. I’m not getting it to make cells in anything other than that one set of colors. Weird and very puzzling. So I’ll go back to my original formula I think, get my torch back out of retirement and give my bottle of silicone oil a big hug. I love you both.

Coming up next – swiping – YAY. That always makes me happy.


3 thoughts on “Acrylic Pouring Without Silicone or Torching Recipe (Part 7: Adding Silicone to Apple Barrel Paints)”

  1. Do you think the amount of cells you get may have something to do the amount of time you leave the cup before pouring the paint out. Perhaps the longer time you let it set allows the silicone and alcohol to react causing the explosion of cells when poured? Just a thought!

    1. I’m sure there must be something related to how long the cup is left. Where there is silicone it would start to rise up through the paints to the surface for example.

  2. Roberta Shoopman

    So thankful that I ran across your videos. I too am trying to figure it all out. I have used various paints, colors and pouring mediums. Very good quality paint and low end like the apple barrel. I have been doing it for a couple of months, been through a ton of canvas and have had the same results. I have watched countless videos, take notes, and try to reproduce the same thing I see on the step by step videos. My results are nothing like what I see in the videos, and have had many awful paintings to prove it. A few turned out great, and they keep me going. I too am determined!
    So far, the blues and greens have seemed to give the best results. I usually mix a deep blue, deep green, and some white. Always have at least one other light shade too. Thanks so much for sharing! Makes me feel so much better…

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