Elegant Metallic Dirty Pour on a Black Negative Space

I’m still in the mood to be working with metallics and glitter paints, but because THIS PAINTING turned out so lovely with the bright metallic swipe against the negative space, I’m thinking I would like to try that again. This time using the dirty pour technique instead of a swipe.

Elegant acrylic pouring painting. Video tutorial for how to create this dirty pour with negative space. How to make cells in acrylic paint - video tutorial

I am going to try to confine my dirty pour to (about) the center third of my canvas using lines of metallic gold, and pour in the middle. I’ll use the dirty pour to create striped lines and make sure to get in plenty of shine, sparkle an glitter to contrast with the stark black.

Materials used in this painting:
Art Alternatives acrylics in titanium white and gold
Blick Student Acrylics in black and yellow ochre
Treadmill belt silicone oil
Canvas or a nice gallery wrapped canvas
8oz squeeze bottles
4oz cups with lids
Martha Stewart glitter acrylic in Fire Opal
Liquitex Basics paints in copper and bronze
Polycrylic gloss protective finish

Recipe for this painting:
All paints were mixed approx 2 parts paint, 1 part Floetrol plus water as needed to consistency. A couple of drops of the silicone oil in each color except the background black

Wow, that turned out even better than I expected. The metallics are awesome, the cells and striped design are just what I was looking for and the colors look elegant and sophisticated. I can see a piece like this being more commerical, more admired by non-pouring artists perhaps, and more likely to fit into the decor and color scheme of a lot of homes. More so than my usual very bright colors perhaps. Plus, I enjoyed doing it for a change so everyone is happy!

This one is for sale in my Etsy store here.

As usual, here is a slideshow of photos of this pour, both wet and dry, and close-ups of the details.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metallic Dirty Pour 

1. What is a metallic dirty pour with black negative space?

 It’s a technique where metallic paints are mixed and poured with a dominance of black, leaving negative spaces, creating an elegant and sophisticated effect.

2. Can I use any type of metallic paint?

 Yes, but results might vary. It’s advised to experiment with different brands to find the one that suits your preference.

3. How to achieve the black negative space?

 By controlling the amount and location of the poured black paint, you can manipulate the negative spaces in your piece.

4. Can this technique be used on various surfaces?

 Absolutely, but the prep work may vary depending on the chosen surface.

5. Do I need a special medium for metallic paints?

 Regular pouring mediums usually work, but experimenting is key to find what works best for your style.

6. How long does it take for this type of pour to dry?

 It generally takes 24-72 hours, but thicker pours may take longer.

7. How to seal a metallic dirty pour?

Use a clear, non-yellowing sealant to maintain the vibrancy and sheen of the metallic paints.

8 thoughts on “Elegant Metallic Dirty Pour on a Black Negative Space”

  1. I do hope that you recover quickly with no side effects and concentrate on getting well rather than keeping us happy. Will put you on our healing list. Best wishes and lots of love, Chris

  2. Have learned so much from your videos. I too had a heart proceedure about 6 months ago. Painting became very important to me in my recovery. Your videos are my favorite. I am sure your recovery will be quick, as mine was.

    Also learned from you about spam. I did not know it affected you. I did not do the spam but I could have just out of ignorance. Just thought it was a way to stop some e-mails and clean up my inbox. Learn something new each day. Thanks.

  3. Hi Deby,
    Love your videos. This particular video you mentioned Martha Stewarts Fire Opal glitter paint… the reason no one can find it is it’s been discontinued! Ugh!
    Well keep up the great work we love you. Paint on my friend.OXOXO

    1. I know! To say I was upset was an understatement. I love these paints – ideal for use in pouring. Ah well, we will have to find a substitute or maybe try to make our own glitter paints.

  4. I actually was watching the painting you did in silver with the blue striping and then saw this one and had to watch also. Will definitely be doing this technique soon! So disappointed that the MS paints are being discontinued! I find they worked so much better than some of the other craft paints in pours.

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