Double Dirty Pour on a Large Canvas – ‘Strata’

Woo hoo, time to break out the big boy. I got this used canvas from the thrift store and although it wasn’t exactly thrift store prices, I’m excited and a little bit nervous to try out a larger painting. Plus I’ll do some more dirty pouring, which I don’t often do so I’m relishing the challenge on this one.

Easy abstract painting for beginners using the acrylic pouring dirty pour technique. Step by step video shows how this painting was made complete with metallic and glitter paints.

The last large canvas I did turned out a bit on the busy side, and then I made it even worse by going double or nothing and added extra busy-ness just to be sure that it was going to give everyone a headache to look at it! That’s why it’s called Mesmerizing – see it here.

Today I wanted to try to keep things a little more simple. I had been inspired by a painting shared in our Facebook group by Jerry Osborn that you can see here (you’ll need to be a group member to see it.)  Mine isn’t the same, but inspired by Jerry’s for its composition and colors. Jerry did a swipe on his, but I’m aiming for a double dirty pour and hope to get the paint in stripes in the central section. The outer sections I’ll look to create a white and gold marbled effect similar to the one I did for the YouTube challenge here.

In this painting I am using:
Art Alternatives Titanium White, Black, Gold (seller ships Free worldwide)
Liquitex Basics Bronzeand Copper
Martha Stewart Glitter Paint in Fire Opal
Treadmill Belt Silicone
KY True Feel Dimethicone oil

Recipe for the paint mix:
1 part paint
1 part Floetrol
Water as needed
1 drop of treadmill silicone in the white and black
1 drop of dimethicone in the copper, bronze and gold
None in the Fire Opal

Well that’s better. Much better than the last large canvas I did. It still wasn’t quite as expected, I added too much paint to the central section and spread it out too far so there was less on the sides, but I’m very happy with the outcome. It has a nice balance between a more simple composition when viewed from far away, and then a very detailed look when you come in close and see all the cells and interesting paint formations. Of course the Fire Opal glitter paint really makes it for me.

Even my husband loves it and he named it ‘Strata’.

As usual, scroll through the slideshow below for more images for this painting, both wet and dry, and closeups of the details.

10 thoughts on “Double Dirty Pour on a Large Canvas – ‘Strata’”

  1. Love love love this large painting. Great job. Haven’t tried the glitter paints but can’t wait to try.

  2. Love this!! I must give this a try. I do like how the “fiery opal” came out. Very happy mistake!

  3. I love the effect you created. I think this painting must have caused a run on Fire Opal paint. All my online sources are sold out!

    1. I’ve found that too. Seems all the glitter paints are hard to come by right now. Someone asked me today and I couldn’t find any either. Fingers crossed it will be back in stock soon.

  4. Awesome painting! Love the colors! I certainly hope the glitter paints come back in stock. They are hard to find in the USA also.

  5. Love the color combination and would never have thought about the white and gold together like that. Guess whats going to be in my next pour. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

    1. I had used them together in a YouTube challenge piece earlier in the year and made a note for definitely doing that again. It makes a really nice rich and sparkly cream color.

  6. Absolutely loved your video. So informative. I am now ready to do my first pour! Thank you for such inspiration!!!

  7. This was amazing to watch. I love all the colours and your technique is so helpful to watch. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are in the art world.
    I have a similar issue to you, at the moment – I started with 16×20’s but now I want to move on to 32×40″ and the canvas has been sitting there mocking me for months. LOL I’m so happy for you that you had a breakthrough. That inspires me to just go for it.
    Warmly, Lyn

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