Counter Culture Resin Giveaway: April 2018

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Win free pouring products from Counter Culture DIY! In partnership with Counter Culture, we’re giving away 20 packages of resin and other pouring products for free.

Counter Culture Resin Giveaway

Each Package Contains:

  • 32oz Acrylic Pouring Resin
  • 2 Dispersion Colors
  • 2 Super Stains
  • Arctic White Metallic powder

Please Note: Because of restrictions on shipping resins, Counter Culture DIY can only ship to addresses inside the continental U.S.

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Super Stains

Super Stains are a unique colorant. These stains are a nano-pigment. So what does that mean? Here’s an easy comparison: If most pigments used for color are the size of a basketball, our Super Stains are the size of a pea. So when the Super Stains are mixed in epoxy you get a perfectly even color with no clumps or unmixed pigment. When using Super Stains in epoxy with our Arctic White Metallic any color can be custom made by you. One four-ounce bottle can color as much as several gallons of epoxy, depending on how intense you want the color to be. Super Stains are going to be close to the consistency of a dye, but with a pigment you get a UV-
stable color.

Dispersion Colors

Dispersion colors are made to disperse evenly into water or epoxy resin. Add an accent color to your countertop kit, or choose some of these colors to make beautiful resin art paintings. You can add Dispersion and metallic to create custom metallic colors. You can also use dispersion as paint, and paint on canvas or wood for background color.

Acrylic Pouring Resin

Counter Culture Acrylic Pouring Resin is VOC free, it has no harmful airborne chemicals, so it safe to use in the home and around family. The resin is highly UV resistant, so your projects will stay looking new. You will notice that our resin is thicker than most, this helps keep more resin on your project and off the floor. Acrylic pouring Resin is different than all other resins; we have developed a suspension resin. When using our Arctic White Metallic Powder in the resin, your metallic and color pigments will stay suspended while the resin dries. Other resins are dispersion by nature; color and metallic pigment will fall to the bottom of your project and lose visual depth and effect.

Arctic White Metallic Powder

Use Arctic White Metallic Powder in epoxy, and then add any Dispersion Color or Super Stain to make a custom-colored metallic epoxy. For the most vibrant color and effect use this product with Super Stains.

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