My Acrylic Collage: Sunny Skies

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Looking at my acrylic collage after it dried I realized I was using primarily dark colors, there was a lot of angst on this canvas. I wanted to brighten things up but I’m not a huge fan of a lot of traditionally cheery colors (yellows, oranges, you know, sunny colors) so I went back to some of my past pours and tried to draw color inspiration from there. I picked up one of my favorite pours, my diamond in the sky, and knew that I’d found my answer.

Supplies I Used:

That color scheme was a simple blue, white, and silver pour, my problem was that I’d already used blue in my collage and didn’t want to overwhelm the canvas was the color and I’d just used silver in my red pour. So, as this medium so often requires, I had to get creative. I mixed a nice deep turquoise with one of my old labelless blues and came up with a perfectly happy concoction. I added plenty of white to keep things light and just a couple of touches of my old gold because I’m a creature of habit (and glitter).

I held my cup up to the other colors on the painting and decided that I had in fact found the antidote.

I was very happy with my layers of color (even though my hand slipped while I was creating my pour cup and I ruined my perfect circles). Everything in that cup made me happy and I realized that it looked like an abstract rendition of a sunny sky. The light, bright blue, the crisp white of clouds and the little golden orb of the sun. There are so many layers to this art form, I love that even the thing that’s just supposed to be a vessel the real art can end up being one of the prettiest parts.

I had learned from my last few mistakes of getting those icky little lines from improper tilting so this time I didn’t use the entire contents of my pour cup or the constituent colors so I could better manipulate where my paint would go by kind of finger painting a trail on. Because the name of this game was to actually cover my gaps I got a little crazy when it came time to actually pour. I did a tree ring wrist motion but didn’t keep my hand still, so I kind of tree ringed in long lines. Basically, I made one big curly along the biggest blanks.

When it came time to pour, I sent up a tiny prayer to the acrylic gods that I wouldn’t have just ruined my happy accident with a sad accident. My paint blob was moving as usual, things were swirling together, little surprising were rising to the surface. And then those few rogue trickles started to break free from the rest of the pack! But I am happy to say that I thwarted their renegade ways by giving the edges a little tap and applying either some blue, white, or residual flip cup drippings. This time, I was the master of the paint blob!

The more I stretched things the happier I became with my little sunny sky, and the more it started to look like a sunny sky since it was at the very top of my collage. It covered up all of my big gaps and still let the best parts of the past pours in tact. I am very excited about this project and where it’s going to take me as far as technique and color practice goes. And even if I make several missteps and can’t save it with another sunny sky it will have at least been a great way to practice what to do and what not to dot. Maybe if I’m smart enough I can really put who I am as an artist onto one canvas, the whole messy, unconventional, slightly erratic story!


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