My Acrylic Collage: Psychedelic Purple Cells

Out here on the west coast, it is definitely summertime. The heat is settling in, the kids are getting ready for their school break, did I mention the heat? Luckily this beautiful pastime can be done completely indoors with a nice glass of lemonade in hand. I decided to get back into my collage project, feeling newly inspired by the changing of the season.

Supplies I Used:

I wanted something that just looked sweet, because that’s what comes to mind when I think of summer, sweetness. It’s all pool parties and fancy cocktails served out of fruits. But because I love cool colors so much I had to bring those in to play, so I decided to go with brighter cool colors. I employed a light purple, a hot pink, a little bit of turquoise and some white for this one and it felt very summery in my kitchen when when I was looking at my little cups. I wanted to do a swipe for this one, both to take up some whitespace and to get a little practice in.

I really loved this purple that I mixed up with some violet and white so I wanted that to be the focus and decided it should be my swipe color. I added alcohol to all of these colors to promote some cells in the swipe, just a splash. This was a multi-swipe effort, the first attempt was a lot of purple, even after some tilting. So I decided to put a bit of white at the top, in the middle of my purple swipe stripe at the top of the canvas and drag that down. Let me tell you, that’s when things really got cookin’.

Just look at these colors! Those cells! The swirls! Honestly, I’m in love. I had a few bubbles that I popped with the stirring straw from my pink cup which added a cool little mock-cell effect. These colors to me just feel a tropical summer breeze. But at the same time I get a real psychedelic vibe, it’s very bright and vibrant and trippy, don’t you think?

While I adore this new addition to my collage, I’m nervous that it’s starting to overshadow the original pour on this canvas. My whitespace is starting to dwindle on this canvas so it might soon be time to pour over that little bit. But I am a problem solver at heart, so maybe hope is not lost for my weird little Earth-like blob. Stay tuned!

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