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Completing my Acrylic Collage

So I’ve been experimenting and experimenting for the perfect color scheme for the last blank bit of my collage, but in all my searching nothing felt quite right. So what I wound up doing was putting all of the colors I had in my arsenal of paint that I hadn’t used yet in a row and throwing a dart. (Yes, I really did throw a Nerf dart.) And when that little dart knocked over my green tube of paint I knew it was fate.

Supplies I Used

I only have one shade of green so I knew I needed to get creative to keep the color depth in this pour. I lightened up my green with a little white and added in one of my old turquoise colors. I lightened up my medium green into a pretty spring green that did a great job of creating a middle ground between these two colors. I also wanted to make sure that the colors were balanced on the canvas. I had to fudge the rules of color theory a little but that little artist inside me felt good about this choice.

Because of the limited space I had to work with I went for a standard dirty pour. When I was mixing my cup I did plenty of layers because I wanted to be surprised with where my colors would land.

My paint was all of varying consistencies, part because of brand differences and part because of my limited resources, but it actually wound up creating a really cool cup. The waterier colors created quick paths for the thicker paints to follow and then they swirled together. Note to self: this could be a happy accident that could make for an interesting pour in the future.

It seems I didn’t use quite enough medium green in my cup and the pastel colors were beginning to take over. While looking at my canvas I knew I had a lot of those light colors at each corner, I didn’t want more of the same. I could see some of that medium green trying to come through after some tilting but I wanted to help it along even more with some air manipulation. I gave it a quick blow and immediately saw a rush of medium green. The more I blew and dragged the more a sea anemone image started to take shape. It’s green tentacles were reaching out into the shallow waters of my paint puddle.

I am extremely pleased with how this collage turned out! It could have been—and at times I feared it would be—a huge mess but I somehow managed to get a big group of colors that are all happy living together. This is definitely something I’d like to try again in the future and would love to know if any of you have tried something like this!


8 thoughts on “Completing my Acrylic Collage”

  1. I tried in the beginning to go to the green pour, but got the 404 message. So I tried reading, and that was ok, until the last paragraph was covered with to pics of pour. Highly disappointed.

  2. i really like how realistic you are with your success as well as your failures. i do not think i am the only one that makes mistakes, i always try and try again like you. Thanks again

  3. Love the 2nd one what a diferance to the first painting. U did a great job & made it Pop with the colors yet in same spot except dementionaly!

  4. I would really like to send my art out to be professionally resined. I am mad about the glassy finish and how it brings out the colors more and gives a nice professional finish to my art work. I have tried and I just don’t seem to be able to do it. I’m tired of ruining my art. Please help me.

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